Pink book cover with the title MARKING TIME and the author TASHA CHRISTENSEN, featuring an image of a Black teenage girl in a white shirt and leggings holding a set of drumsticks, and a white teenage girl in a teal and purple jacket leaning on a motorcycle.


After moving nine times in twelve years, Kendall Mathis is used to being the new girl. Her foolproof method? Turn up the collar on her leather jacket and don’t let anyone get close. Soon she’ll be off to college and a life she can finally choose for herself. She just has to get through senior year at Itaska High without any distractions.

Enter Jaz, a cute, outgoing drummer whose favorite thing to be is distracting. Kendall tries to keep her at arm’s length, but she’s no match for the sheer power of Jaz Whitaker on a mission. This girl is persistent. After sparks fly at band camp, Jaz bets that she can get Kendall to put down roots. Yeah, right. Kendall learned from her parents’ recent divorce that commitment only leads to heartache.

But despite all her efforts to win, Kendall finds it harder than expected to keep from falling in love with Itaska-and the girl who won’t leave her alone.

“Reading this book feels like a tight hug. MARKING TIME is a testament to the power of music and the magic of found family-and a reminder that opening yourself to love is always worth the risk. It’s a joy to watch Kendall, who’s exhausted from carrying the weight of her family’s disintegration and her father’s depression, learn that she doesn’t need to close herself off to protect her heart.” —Ellen O’Clover, author of Seven Percent of Ro Devereux

“Marching band and camp shenanigans in the Midwest-what more could you want?! Marking Time is a love letter to new beginnings and the power of embracing change. Christensen brilliantly portrays the struggles of starting over during a pivotal time, and the beauty that comes with letting your guard down and letting people in.” —Jenna Miller, author of Out of Character



Graphic of a yellow book called AS YOU WERE with text that says "Colorado Author Project 2023 Young Adult Fiction Winner."


2023 WinnerColorado Author Project

Seventeen-year-old Hannah is head drum major in her school’s marching band, and she treats that role with the gravity it deserves. A task that’s often difficult, seeing as the group is underfunded, the principal has it out for them, and the freshmen keep pouring random liquids into their trombones.

When a contest between after-school groups is announced, Hannah’s determined to win the ten thousand dollar prize to save her beloved band. There’s only one problem: her main competition comes in a charming, freckled package named Eli Marshall, the star of the theater program . . . a.k.a. the guy she just broke up with.

When things quickly get personal, Hannah must face the music: Has she been doing leadership—and relationships—all wrong?

“Filled with beats of drama, romance, humor, and heart, AS YOU WERE is the marching band book my nerdy teenage self always wanted. Kids who found their family in the band room will definitely enjoy seeing themselves reflected in these pages.” — Heather Kaczynski, author of Dare Mighty Things

“AS YOU WERE has a brassy female lead, a catchy cast of supporting characters, and a quick-moving plot that never stops marching forward—all set to the irresistible beat of non-stop witty banter!” — Anna Priemaza, author of Fan the Fame